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New Jersey based artist, Rebecca Swan, is a creative in many ways.  From painting murals to facilitating healing arts workshops, she seeks to add color, wonder, and whimsy anywhere she can.  Rebecca's hope is that people feel uplifted, inspired, and empowered by her work. 


Rebecca is a mixed media artist, a healing arts facilitator & educator, and a yoga/meditation instructor.   Inspired by nature, astrology, and the energies we cannot see, she believes there is opportunity all around us to sprinkle optimism, love, and joy into this world.  We all have access to this positive energy if we are open to it. 


As enthusiastic and bubbly as she may be, Rebecca understands that accessing this optimism is not always easy and sometimes our shadows get the best of us.   This knowing pushes her to strive towards the light each and every day, paving a way for others to express themselves through art and movement.


Hi! My name is Rebecca, 

I'm SO glad

you're here!

Spring 2019 Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market was Rebecca's first show.  To the left is her incredibly supportive husband Blake Swan whose been there every step of the way.


Virtual Intuitive Art & Yoga workshop

Rebecca Eve Swan

artist - facilitator - educator

In the second grade, Rebecca knew she wanted to be an artist.  Like many, it didn't take long before she lost faith with the idea that it could be a possible career path, until she gave herself permission to go for it twenty-three years later.


Prior to 2020, Rebecca was a Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach for over a decade and was beginning to get the nudge to pivot in a new direction.  Something was missing, but she really didn't know what. 


In 2019 Rebecca began selling her work at local arts & craft shows and loved it. When COVID-19 hit and shut down began, it compelled her to make the leap from

full-time coach to full-time artist.


Creating is Rebecca’s passion and it shows through her enthusiastic approach to her work; from collaborating with her clients, to guiding others to create freely, and through sharing her journey with her audience, her process and love for her craft is infectious.


Rebecca practices and teaches yoga, meditation, & breathwork to find stillness and calm.  She believes a strong mind, body, + spiritual practice is key to an endless well of

creativity, imagination, and play.

forge bathroom art

1 out of 3 in a series of commissioned art for the restrooms at Forge Performance, West Windsor, NJ

capturing their brands colors.

Art carries energy
that can completely transform a space.

Art provides a beautiful opportunity to see and feel something that hadn't existed before by offering new perspectives.  


Rebecca offers art for sale in her online shop and she currently accepts commissions for custom art.  When working with clients for projects big and small, Rebecca becomes a dreamweaver, bringing her clients ideas to life.   


Rebecca understands the power of color, scale, and playful imagination. She strongly believes that art has the power to cultivate a more magical and supportive home, space, and community.  When people feel uplifted, they want to share it and the enthusiasm it generates with the world.  

"Trust the Universe" - ~42"x80"

(barn door in client's temporary location)

Artist Statement

My work is a form of meditation,

it is a practice like anything else. 


It is a signed permission slip,

to myself and from myself,

to play,

to get messy,

to "let go",

and to be open to whatever happens next. 


It's incredibly gratifying when a piece of work is finished, but it is the process of creating that keeps me coming back over and over and over again. 


The journey itself is what I find myself obsessing about.  

Brave New World.jpg

"Brave New World" - 24"x30"

acrylic on canvas

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