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Rebecca Helps Deliver Your Message

Rebecca is a mural artist who specializes in creating unique and vibrant works of art. She offers services to both residential and commercial clients to create custom murals that reflect their individual style and space. From restaurants and yoga studios to kids rooms and backyard statement pieces, Rebecca is sure to transform any space into something special.


Murals for

Rebecca is passionate about using her art to transform the entire atmosphere of a space. She strongly believes that adding a sprinkle of playful charm to walls, both inside and outside, cultivates a more hopeful and supportive community.


With her murals, Rebecca is able to bring a unique and vibrant energy to any business, giving customers a feeling of joy and optimism.


When customers feel uplifted with Rebecca’s work, they want to share it and the enthusiasm it generates with the world.

Murals for Business

Murals for

 Residential murals will transform the atmosphere of your space, allowing you to relax, feel inspired and uplifted in

and around your home.


Murals can be added anywhere you need more flavor;

bedrooms & kid's rooms, backyard statement pieces, or hand painted wallpapers (anywhere), are a few examples. 


Murals are a unique way to create a space that reflects

your style and personality.

Bordentown Arts Shed Mural_Rebecca Swan.HEIC
Murals for Home

"Rebecca was very upfront with project costs, timelines, and deliverables and I was confident in exactly what the project entailed with no surprises."

"Rebecca is an incredible artist and collaborator - She has such vision and a collaborative nature that she was able to take my ideas for the work and internalize them to create fun and colorful visuals."

"Rebecca was so awesome and really got the vision of my project! The mural turned out even better than I dreamed of."

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