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Art for Your Business


You Have A

& Rebecca illustrates it!

 Artist, Rebecca Swan, specializes in creating unique and whimsical works of art to enhance any room, space, or product.


From restaurants to yoga studios, and goat milk soap labels too, Rebecca is sure to transform any space or product packaging

into something special & unique.



Rebecca is passionate about using her art to transform the entire atmosphere of a space. She strongly believes that adding a sprinkle of playful charm to walls, both inside and outside, cultivates a more engaged community.


With her murals, Rebecca is able to bring a unique and vibrant energy to any business, providing a joyous environment for employees & customers alike. 


When customers feel uplifted by Rebecca’s work, they want to share it and the enthusiasm it generates with the world.

Murals for Busiess

Window Painting

A unique and cost-effective way to add a pop of color and style to your storefront.


Window paintings are the perfect temporary or seasonal option to set yourself apart from competitors, while making a striking statement that will boost your business’s visibility and appeal.

Window Painting
Rebecca Swan_Galaxy Coasters.JPG


Sell Rebecca's Art in Your Shop!

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Illustrations &
Graphic Design


We create high-quality professional graphic design and illustrations that will give your business the competitive edge.


Our services are tailored to meet the specific needs of each project, allowing us to help you and your business shine!


 We offer logo design, social media graphics, custom illustrations, and more to make sure you look your best.


About the Artist

Rebecca Swan, NJ based artist, allows her ideas and inspirations to take form through paintings, murals, ceramics, and more!


She believes there is opportunity everywhere to add a spark of wow and imagination through her whimsical, nature inspired art.


Rebecca is also passionate about inspiring others to play with their own creativity and offers a variety of classes and workshops to guide people towards their own creations.

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